When I Can’t Find My Words

“Write your story,” this WordPress composition page prompts me as soon as I finish typing in a title above. But what if I don’t have a story to write? What if I can’t find the words?

It’s kind of been like that a lot lately, I think. I’m having trouble finding the words. I don’t know what to put next; I don’t know what I want to say. I know I have things to say, but I don’t know what they are or how to reach them. I even made the mistake (again) of starting this entry earlier today, and thinking that whenever I got back to it later I would remember what I was thinking or have the same idea of where I intended to go.

Yeah—no. That didn’t happen.

So I know: I need to sit down and think, without thinking too hard, about what I want to say. I need to write it down, and then send it out into the world so it can get lost out there—and hopefully found again by somebody—rather than lost inside my head, never to be thought again.

Like I may be never thought of again.

But at least I’ll be leaving something behind when I go.

2 thoughts on “When I Can’t Find My Words

  1. Words will come! Thoughts will too. All writers have dry times. Your creative juices 🥤 may need a shot of Wonderful!!! What do your fellow creative writers talk about in your group? N. Say 10 times “I am a writer, a good writer.”

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  2. At least you are sitting & thinking. Your computer has gotten lonely, lately!
    It’s yelling, “I miss those witty lines you share with me.” Those tiny fingers flying across me keys, sharing your latest stories.
    Yes, this is your computer,speaking! We have papers to write and stories to finish! No excuses!!!


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