What’s the point?

I just renewed my WordPress subscription, to the tune of about $81. There’s a decent chance that I wouldn’t have except that I found a coupon code online and was able to get a discount off the $96 my plan actually costs—which seemed like a good idea last year when I upgraded, and I do still very much like the customization options it offers me.

But the thing is, I haven’t posted anything in a long time, and the longer I go without writing a blog post, the more I start to wonder, What’s the point? You’re not actually interested in these mundane musings of mine, are you?

Now I feel reminiscent of that scene in Julie & Julia when Julie is typing a blog post and drifts off into wondering if there’s actually anyone out there reading her: “But I’m sure you are. Aren’t you? Somebody? Anybody?” (We’ll just gloss over the fact that she then gets her first—rather unsupportive—comment from “My mother. Doesn’t count.”)

But I did it and now it’s done, so there it is, and here I am. Sitting on my couch at 5:30 in the morning because I couldn’t sleep from 3:30, wrapped in two blankets because it’s cold outside and we keep it cold in here at night—something I had to get used to, moving in with Dylan last year. And come to think of it, it has been just about a year since I moved out and moved in…but that’s a post for another time. As is everything else on my mind, I imagine.

Good morning, Lake Jackson. And have a good day at work, Mom. I miss you. 😘

4 thoughts on “What’s the point?

  1. !!!I’m still here hon :”) I hope you’re doing well, we havent spoken in ages,,,, But just so you know, your little musing are quite interesting. Its nice to feel that someone is there, finding the time in their life (when you do) to make the effort of sharing their thoughts with the world. Share your mind whenever you want, theres always a willing ear. Whether you can always see us or not.

    (Just realized that last sentence was lowkey creepy but I sweAR THERE WERE GOOD INTENTIONS)

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    • We haven’t talked in SO LONG! I’ve missed you! I hope everything is going well on your end; mine has been off and on, and busy, but overall good I think! Always depends on how you look at it, doesn’t it?? Thank you so much for saying that, it means a lot! ❤ And I love your creepy last sentence hahaha it's awesome!


  2. I completely understand. I renew mine every year with good intentions of more consistent posting… still working on that. While the “likes” and comments are nice, I think I derive some sort of introverted pride in seeing a published post whether or not someone actually reads it or not. I know it’s there and I will go back to it from time to time to enjoy the memories, take pleasure in the fact that my words are out there for others to see if they happen along. It’s a way of being “extroverted,” while my jammy-wearing self is cloistered safely away in my study.

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