Social Media Detox Diary: Boredom

Ever hear that boredom is actually good for you? That it stimulates creativity? Well I can tell you firsthand that it does!

Still trying it, actually. Without the distractions offered by Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, I find myself getting bored more easily and more quickly.

Tuesday, for example, day 2: by 4:30 in the afternoon, I hadn’t checked any of the forbidden sites even once, even while I wanted to while I did laundry and watched scary movies at home after work. Even at work, while I continued to review ¡Manteca!—probably because poetry is generally not the most engaging form of literature, and half the poems in that book are in Spanish anyway so I don’t understand them.

But it’s true that boredom stimulates creativity because I started to think about my own writing projects. At that moment, though, even my current one felt monotonous because I’ve been thinking about it so much lately, and so I thought, “Which of my stories is the least boring?” Bailey’s, of course—the most outrageous piece because it’s not one that I take seriously at all, which is the entire point. So in that moment of boredom, I picked up pen and paper, and quickly jotted down multiple ideas that came to me, and notes for where to go next, what to add, what to change, and so on. After I finished my task, I took a short lunch break and carried pen and paper with me into the break room to continue.

But by 4:30, at home, I wanted to check…even though I did not.

The same for Wednesday while I ate a Sinfull Bakery Everything bar for lunch at the Cougar Grounds coffee shop on campus, between work and my class: I wanted to check social media, and at first was at a loss for what to do while eating, because usually I could read or look at my phone. Maybe I ended up going through my email. I don’t remember, but I know that I didn’t click over to any of the sites, and I remember wondering whether I’ll be less addicted after this week is over, or if it will be the same as before? Honestly, probably the latter—but whichever, I think at least a part of me will be happy to have them back.

As for yesterday, I actually received an email from Instagram with the subject line: “See new posts from…” The last time I got an email like that from them was, well, never. Probably because I usually check that one multiple times a day, and here I haven’t looked at it since at least Sunday. I also noted yesterday that this week, I’ve had one or two dreams where I screwed up my challenge, but, fortunately, I have not.

No violations today either. More to come about my weekend soon… ☮️

One thought on “Social Media Detox Diary: Boredom

  1. Dear Corinna, Now we know what struggle drinkers & drug people go through in some way!!! I, too have been backing away from my computer more and more… There is so much to drag me back to it, but I am trying to win the battle. This summer I won’t have time for it like I did…I feel that I have to devote my time to Papa or the yard stuff… Hope Patricia can still have time for my floors. She is so good at cleaning… What would we do without her!!! Do you think you will work full time at the publishing co. when you finish your classes. Are you getting excited about May yet? It is coming up fast now. We love you & look forward to every blog.LOL P/M >


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