Cabin Fever

When I was little, I loved to be outside. I loved to go to the deer lease with my dad—not so much for the hunting, mind you, but I did sometimes shoot rifles, and I’ve felt very at home on a 4wheeler since I was at least six. I loved to swim in my neighbor’s backyard pool, and whenever I stayed with Nonnie, I think I spent more time in her 1.5-acre yard than I did in the house. But the bigger I got, the more I got to be a city girl like my mom. Air conditioning, WiFi, nice bathrooms, comfortable home. Computers and cell phones over sidewalk chalk and mountains of sand. And my dad told me recently, “When you started dating, I lost you.” I never went outside then. Never cared for our place in the country. To some extent, I can say he’s right—but I think all I needed there was a nice house, which we now have, and a 4wheeler. That last one really clinched it for me, and now I do enjoy Centerville, if only I could find the time to get there.

But see, right now, I’m typing this on my phone from an uncomfortable pull-out couch bed in a tiny cabin near the Tallahatchie River in Greenwood, Mississippi. The Delta. And this is not my preferred kind of lifestyle—though in hindsight it kind of reminds me of the camphouse that used to sit on the plot of land that was a favorite old deer lease of mine, in Kirbyville. Where I had all of my friends, when I was six or so. I still have a photograph somewhere.

But this…okay, to be honest, it’s actually better than I expected when I heard that my Honors class would be staying in sharecropper cabins for most of the week. There is even supposed to be WiFi, though I can’t find it here and don’t know the password anyway. No—it’s not ideal, but then, it wasn’t ideal when they were still sharecropper cabins, either. Ideally…well, idealism is unrealistic, and often doesn’t make for great exposure to experience.


I am tired, and I think the entire rest of this week will be spent in a state of tiredness. It’s hard to catch Z’s in a minivan, particularly one where there is a busy baby, but that also seems to be the most comfortable one to ride in, as far as I’m concerned. Anyway. I’d like to go into detail as much as possible about this week, but that simply won’t be possible, so I’ll have to do what I can to document and most of it will come after the fact. Probably waaaay after the fact. There are also pictures, most of which will not be posted here, but view them on my Instagram.

I will write more. But we are expected to get up early to drive an hour and a half to Oxford tomorrow, so, for now, I’ll catch those Z’s.

Until later. 📸