The Elusive Goose

What in the world is an elusive goose!?

Let me tell you.

When I used to stay with my dad’s parents overnight, I remember my Nonnie would often be up late, on the computer in the room next to mine. She was on the computer a lot, and as I got older, I would be on when she wasn’t, because I liked to write, and of course the easiest way to do that was through use of Microsoft Word. I also remember that she had this Mahjong game installed on her computer—a simple one that just involved matching the tiles until they all disappeared, and I loved to play it, too, especially because it was kind of like a quest, with different levels, with the objective of each level to unlock and match the golden yin and yang tiles. Anyway. There was a tile with an illustration of some type of bird on it, that resembled a chicken or a goose—I never really could tell which. (Come to think of, it may also have resembled a peacock…) Sometimes, Nonnie would sit in a chair close by and watch me play, and see matches that I didn’t.

I don’t remember how it began. Maybe I was having a particularly hard time finding matches to that certain tile, and started to complain about it. I think, in a very quick voice, I said something like, “I hate that stupid chicken!” and she laughed. Then, perhaps the same night or maybe it was another one, perhaps out of nowhere, in a funny, quirky voice, I called that bird “the elusive goose!” and she laughed again. So I did it again, and again, and I kept saying that because she kept laughing.

Nonnie has a new computer now, and we don’t have that Mahjong game anymore, but I wonder if she remembers that time. I think I’ll email her a link to this post and see. Maybe she’ll smile and laugh again.

50 Little Things That Make Me Happy

Because sometimes, it’s important to just focus on what makes you happy.

In no particular order…

  1. A hot cup of coffee.
  2. A hot shower.
  3. Sunny blue skies, especially without clouds.
  4. Shapes and pictures in the clouds.
  5. Sassy music.
  6. The lush, grassy green field behind my church, because it wasn’t always lush and grassy green.
  7. Pretty things.
  8. Sparkly things.
  9. Books.
  10. Fresh notebooks.
  11. Office supply stores.
  12. Brand-new issues of Bella Grace magazine.
  13. Freshly laundered sheets.
  14. A clean, newly detailed car.
  15. Burning candles.
  16. Burning fireplaces.
  17. Perfect, untouched snow.
  18. Fresh flowers in a vase.
  19. The new wood floors in my house, and the feeling of how they transformed the familiar space.
  20. The feeling of my fingers flying across a laptop keyboard.
  21. New episodes of my favorite TV shows.
  22. Whenever Taylor Swift releases a new album.
  23. Summertime.
  24. Postcards.
  25. Letters.
  26. Driving through pretty neighborhoods.
  27. Silky soft sand.
  28. Manicures and pedicures.
  29. Carrying my own shopping bags (grocery bags excluded).
  30. The feeling I get from wearing high heels.
  31. Writing.
  32. Christmas lights.
  33. Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  34. Dessert.
  35. Breakfast for dinner.
  36. Character customization in my video games.
  37. Banana splits with extra hot fudge.
  38. Milk chocolate, melted in a bowl.
  39. Adorable baby animals.
  40. Yearbooks.
  41. Whimsicality.
  42. Disney and Pixar movies.
  43. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year holidays.
  44. Lemon pastries.
  45. Peaceful and quiet alone time.
  46. Shopping.
  47. Pleasant surprises.
  48. Vintage, like typewriters and Polaroid cameras.
  49. Making and keeping new friends.
  50. Being able to carry on a conversation in French.
  51. The way Granny always (and is the only one to do so) sings “And many more…” at the end of “Happy Birthday.”


What 50+ little things make you happy?