Hello, My Name Is

Corinna See, and this is my third, fourth, or maybe tenth attempt at blogging. Which just goes to show how indecisive I can be—but it’s not always easy to stick to something creative when you don’t know what you want it to be about. On that hand, though, I’m not sure much has changed: I guess I still don’t always have a clear view on what I want this blog to focus on. Sometimes it will be about books and writing; other times it might focus on family, or travel, or perhaps even work, now that I’ve finally graduated college.

Like the title might imply: everything worth saying—and doing—and blogging about—has probably already been said before. But probably not by me, and probably not by you. Let’s muse on it together.


Have something to say to me? I’d love to know what it is! Leave me a comment below. For direct contact, I welcome email at corinnasee@gmail.com. Love to hear from you! 🖤

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